Upgrade Yourself to the LYCOS Smart Band

The Smart Band

Your Activity Tracker Wristband is adjustable and comfortably fits a wrist of any size. The interactive smart band impacts a range of facets in your everyday life.

Features include:
  • Advanced fitness monitor
  • Personal security manager
  • Tap2Transfer capabilities
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Color Options
  • Smart Black Colour Band
  • Smart White Colour Band
  • Smart Sky Blue Colour Band
  • Smart Blue Colour Band
  • Smart Red Colour Band
  • Smart Orange Colour Band

The Smart Ring

Your NFC Smart Ring is available in sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12. and comes with features like

Features include:
Color Options
  • Smart Black Colour Ring
  • Smart White Colour Ring
  • Smart Sky Blue Colour Ring
  • Smart Blue Colour Ring
  • Smart Red Colour Ring
  • Smart Orange Colour Ring

The App For

Your Life device collaborates with your smartphone via the LYCOS LIFE app. With the app you are able to control your settings, tighten your phone's security, plug in your fitness information, track results, and maximize the Life capabilities.

NFC Tags

NFC or Near Field Communication chip is embedded in your Lycos Life Smart Ring and Smartband. These NFC chips store NFC tags which can be easily transferred from your Lycos Life to other NFC enabled device/devices.

Phone Security

LYCOS LIFE securely and seamlessly logs in to your favorite apps & websites on your phone, easily unlocking them without the hassle to remember your passwords. With LYCOS LIFE, access to your phone is just a tap away.

Activity and Fitness Tracking

The LYCOS LIFE activity tracker allows users to easily monitor steps, calories burned, speed and heart rate. Life helps users meet goals and its reminders motivate them to get up and get moving.

Tap 2 Transfer

LYCOS LIFE Smartband uses NFC technology to share information with multiple NFC enabled devices. With a simple tap from your SMART Band/LYCOS Life NFC Smart Ring to an NFC enabled phone, you can transfer/share with your friend, a contact number, an email address, a URL or a business card.


Let Life help you setup notifications on your Smart band. Use it to manage incoming calls, text messages and app alerts hands- free. Choose to disable notifications for a desired WiFi network or for any selected time period of the day.

Alarms / Activity Alarm

The Alarms feature of the Smart Band helps you set up to five unique alarms which silently alert you of appointments to keep, events to attend, a comprehensive tool to keep you in charge of your Life! Customize this feature on your Fitness band to stay active and keep moving! Set idle alerts for a certain interval of time, any day of the week

LYCOS Project

The LYCOS LIFE Project aims to create a safer world and a better future for families from all walks of Life. The Life Project is a global humanitarian initiative that uses sensor and wireless communication technology to provide people throughout the world with access to critical, life-saving environmental information.
5% of your purchase of the LYCOS LIFE products is a step towards granting all human beings the right to know what’s going on in their environment. 5% of your purchase will be donated to the LYCOS LIFE Project, a not-for-profit foundation, funded by LYCOS.
We want to help the world raise happier and healthier children who will become the decision-makers of tomorrow.

LYCOS Life Bundle Pack