Wearable Devices with NFC Tech by LYCOS LIFE

Where the Internet of things gets fascinating is the point at which you consolidate data from gadgets and other devices in innovative ways, tapping into the huge processing capabilities available today to do the kinds of expansive analysis usually associated with the concept of big data, when analysis of data is not necessarily designed to be analyzed together.

We have evolved into a comprehensive digital media destination for consumers across the world. We have debuted with a new suite of hard goods which will allow people to live within the internet world.

Our Belief:

We have broached into the world of IOT with a couple of wearable devices initially, the Smartband and the Smart Ring. LYCOS LIFE is a suite of wearable devices with NFC tech, serving as a single point of entry into your digital life.We believe that LYCOS LIFE will simplify the way people leverage Internet for their daily use, through various devices and things.

Our technology, Our Mission / Vision:

We aim to transform everyday products into futuristic, state of the art accessories with the power to increase the effectiveness of your workout, seamlessly login to your phone and favorite apps, and share messages and contact information with a single tap. We strive to make the best use of technological innovations to make the best of Internet of Things.

For A Cause:

5% of all sales go to The Life Project, which is a global humanitarian initiative that uses sensor and wireless communication NFC tech to provide people throughout the world with access to critical, life-saving environmental information. Families will be given the power to instantly test the quality of water and air in their homes and communities with small portable sensors, provided to them for free.

We aim to make the world a better, easier, more manageable place and cast our share of light on the path to humanity.