LYCOS LIFE Smart Ring & Smart Band- Start Using Your Device

Your smart band is packaged in hibernation mode to save battery. You must exit hibernation mode before initially activating your Smart band. To exit this mode, press the screen for 10 seconds and watch the progress bar charge from empty to full.

Heart Rate Monitor

To activate heart rate, wear the Smart Band on your wrist and touch the screen to turn it on. Press on the sides of the screen with two fingers and the tracker will begin measurement of your heart rate.


With the purchase of your Smart Band, you receive NFC stickers. Embedded in the Smart band are two chips that are able to connect and transfer messages to these NFC stickers. Stickers can be placed in any location to be received by the message recipient. By placing a sticker on your phone, make connecting more efficient.

Alarms Monitor

Alarms are set in the LYCOS LIFE App. Using Bluetooth connectivity, your wake up call or notification will appear on your band. Alarms can be scheduled to repeat daily or weekly.

Sleep Monitor

Your Smart band will automatically monitor your sleep time and quality. To view your sleep history, make sure your band is synced.