The Smart Band

The adjustable Life Band fits comfortably on any size wrist. The interactive smart band impacts a range of facets in your everyday life.

Color Options
  • Smart Black Colour Band
  • Smart White Colour Band
  • Smart Sky Blue Colour Band
  • Smart Blue Colour Band
  • Smart Red Colour Band
  • Smart Orange Colour Band

Features of Smart Band

NFC Tags

Your Smartband comes with NFC or Near Field Communication stickers, which can store your information and can be transferred easily to other NFC enabled devices.

Save Information

The NFC Sticker becomes an NFC tag when information is stored and this information can be transferred at any given point of time to another device.

Share Information

With a simple tap from your Smartband to a phone, you can give a friend your contact number, an email address, share a URL or a business card.

Smartband for Your Android DeviceSetting up the Band with an Android device

Smartband for Your IOS DeviceSetting up the Band with an IOS device

LYCOS Smart Band Features

The LYCOS LIFE innovation team is hard at work to provide an extensive array of features to enhance your Life. Here are some of the features that contribute to the functionality of LYCOS LIFE.


LYCOS LIFE securely and seamlessly logs in to your favorite apps and websites on your phone, easily unlocking them without the hassle to remember your passwords. With LYCOS LIFE, access to your phone is just a tap away.

Add an additional level of security to your mobile device. Unlock your device using your passcodes or Smartband interaction with your device. With LYCOS LIFE, security is under your control.


While activating the Smartband with the app, enable Bluetooth connectivity to allow communication between LYCOS LIFE and handheld devices.

Collaboration between LYCOS LIFE devices is enabled by Tap2Transfer (T2T) communication. With a simple tap from their Fitness Band to a phone, users can give a new friend their number or their clients a business card. Manage your incoming calls, stay up to date with social media notifications and receive app alerts hands-free.


The LYCOS LIFE Fitness Band allows users to easily monitor steps, calories burned, speed and heart rate. Life helps users meet goals and its reminders motivate them to get up and get moving. The LYCOS LIFE heart rate monitor and live EKG/ECG readout help users improve their workouts and view their heart activity instantaneously.

Improve your health with knowledge of your every beat. Increase the effectiveness of your workout or monitor changes in your fitness levels.

View the activity of your heart on a regular basis. With the EKG Live Readout you have the power to monitor your health and share information with medical professionals.

Life doesn't stop when you close your eyes. Track the quality and duration of your sleep to ensure a better tomorrow.


Alarm vibrations can be used to wake you up, get you to daily Life activities on time and tell you when you've reached your goals. Time flies and we all need reminders in Life. You have to start somewhere to get to where you want to be. Declare your goal and let life track your progress and help you reach it.

The LYCOS LIFE innovation team is hard at work to provide an extensive array of features to enhance your Life. Here are some of the features that contribute to the functionality of LYCOS LIFE.

LYCOS LIFE App Features

  • Activity History
  • Sleep History
  • % of Goal Complete
  • EKG/ECG Heart Rate Readout
  • Activity Alarm
  • Tap to Transfer T2T manager
  • Secure Password Management System for apps and websites

Hardware Features

  • Tap the band to your phone to unlock the phone and apps instantly
  • Personal Security Manager and advanced options for mobile device security
  • Wireless Tap to Transfer Function (T2T)
  • Unlocks phone with no password, just a Tap of the band
  • Instantly and wirelss read/write to the band with
  • App pairing with advanced capabilities for Android users
  • Tap 2 Transfer from your band to your friends like: Addresses, Websites, Apps Phone Numbers, vCard and many more.